Prince Donna who came to Japan from the song kingdom and a butler IGU with a bird's head
Actually, the king of the country has been driven out of the castle because of the training of warriors in Japan
A little ridiculous and ridiculous every day is full of fun and sound.
What kind of answers are waiting for you on your journey?


Song Kingdom 3rd throne successor
I spend my days with tension.
There seems to be a long way to go to the throne


Butler IGU
In Japan with a bird's head, it is a different existence in the song kingdom
Actually, I picked it up on the road when the prince was small. . .
Rumor has it that he should have been an educational clerk and deacon to support the stupid prince


<Way of Life> written:IGU

1. When did the two come to Japan?
They are the end of 2015. I stood on the live stage in Namba, Osaka.
With the belief that is the culture of the song kingdom,
I have been on various stages in Tokyo, Nagoya and Mie Prefecture.

2. What stage are you doing? Live house and outdoor stage.

 To cafes and karaoke, I came to live in various places.
 The place where the song reaches you. That is the stage of SOLBRA.

3. Are CDs selling? 

5 singles and 1 EP album are on sale! Thanks to you, music is delivered not only to Japan but also to countries around the world,
 such as the United States, China, and the United Kingdom. Is it selling? So everyone who sees this If you can click around Amazon 
I think I can eat a little delicious Japanese food It has become a world that does not work very well.




4. Is Song Kingdom Japanese? Can you speak Japanese?
Song Kingdom is very close to Japan, but it can only be moved at a gate in another world.
Only the royal family can open the gate.
I came to Japan with the power of the king of the song kingdom.
Prince Donna's power is still immature, so she couldn't create a gate,
Well, to put it simply, it is a reason that you have been expelled from the house. Yes.
As the country is close, Japanese is the basic language and Japanese culture is familiar.
I watch Tetsuko's room every week.


5. Are you two together? 

It looks like a love song title, but it ’s not two people. I'm sorry. It's impossible.
 Igu is a bird eye so I can't be active very much at night, but the prince seems to be a night person,
 He is hesitant for alcohol every night. Liquor changes people. In moderation. . . In addition, as SOLBRA
 and IGU, we have expanded the scope of activities in collaboration with various people. I want to be a
 SOLBRA that grows with you.


6. What is the genre of the song? Favorite artists? What is your favorite food?

 I like meat.

7. What do you think about the recent J-POP scene? 

I feel that it is interesting that various people have been leading. I think it's exciting not 
only for new artists, but also for those who have built generations. We will do our best to 
reach your ears as much as we can.

8. What is your live performance like?
This is a prince's comic story. . . Is a lie. 
I'm doing a lot of funny and funny stages. The fans who come every time and the first 
one can enjoy it Aiming for a live stage that is rich in change.

9. Do you want to go back to the country?
A culture that values ​​good old customs in Japan, including Meiwa-cho, Mie Prefecture, 
where we serve as tourism ambassadors,There is a culture that constantly advances in search of new things.
I don't like the countryside. I don't like the city. Everyone who thinks. Please look at your current location 
from a different perspective.Surely, the key to finding a new one again is rolling.
... I don't want to go home.

10. What is Meiwa-cho, Mie Prefecture, serving as a tourism ambassador?
Matsusaka Beef, Akafuku, Ise Shrimp, Nagashima Spa Land, Hijiki, Suzuka Circuit, Iga Ninja, Shima Spain Village
Since 2017, I have been working as a tourism ambassador in Meiwa-cho, Mie Prefecture, where the number of attractions
 increases.Meiwa-cho, Mie Prefecture is located in the middle of Ise and Matsusaka in Mie Prefecture, and is an easy 
place to live full of water and mountain.Overflowing with natural scenery ... Overflowing form ... This is a wonderful 
place where you can make a kite with all your energy.

In fact, there are plenty of facilities in the living area, and it seems to be a good environment for raising children, 
attracting attention from all over the country.Since SOLBRA's live, we distribute pamphlets that know about Meiwacho in detail.
Please pick up the CD when you purchase it.



11. Can you tell me about CDs and live information? 

release information 
Live info